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Kurs om FN-standard UNFC om rapportering av forekomster

UNFCs tre dimensjoner

Norsk Bergindustri har gjennom flere år blitt holdt informert om utviklingen av en FN-standard for rapportering av forekomster, som gjelder for alle typer naturressurser. Det norske Oljedirektoratet har vært sentral i utviklingen. Mineraler omfattes også. Interessen for denne standarden er økende, bl.a. har EU utvist interesse. Til forskjell fra andre standarder (PERC/FAMMP, JORC, kanadisk dokument m.fl.) omfatter denne en politisk/sosial dimensjon slik at ev. konflikter kan fanges opp. PETRAD arrangerer kurs om UNFC standarden 25.-26. mars i Stavanger, se tekst. De er også interesserte i mulige sponsorer.

The United Nations looks to United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) as an important tool to meet the United Nations sustainable development goals and the ambitions of the Paris accord to mitigate climate change. We cannot reach any of these goals and ambitions without energy and raw materials. Yet, their production and use represents environmental threats if not managed skilfully. The UN and the UNFC stakeholders aims at developing a Resource Management System based on the UNFC to facilitate the applicability of the system. Regional initiatives for application of UNFC is already established. The African Union (AU) decided to develop a UNFC-based African Mineral and Energy Resources Classification and Management System (UNFC-AMREC) as a unifying system for Africa. Similar initiatives are seen in Latin America and Asia-Pacific. In Europe several large EU projects are using UNFC as preferred classification system.

Efficient use of resources to minimize the environmental impact and to save the resources for the better development becomes increasingly important. We therefore need to focus on the mechanisms that give the efficiencies required to create the future we want. PETRAD, together with the UN Economic Commission for Europe and the European Federation of Geologists are called to contribute to these efforts through this course on the application of the UN Framework Classification for Resource Management. The course will take place 25 – 26 March 2019 in PETRAD premises in Stavanger, Norway.  

There are still vacant places on the course. If you are interested in learning more on the application of the UNFC , or know others that are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. More information about the course can be found at PETRAD web page

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